Eating with braces, what food should be avoided?

¿Qué puedo comer con brackets?

Eating with braces, what food should be avoided?

What can I eat with braces?

When starting orthodontic treatment with brackets, we must assume that for the treatment to be completed satisfactorily, it is necessary to change certain habits. Among these changes in habits, one of them is avoiding certain foods that can affect the course of orthodontic treatment and we should not be eating with braces. Some foods can cause decementation of the brackets, which will affect the treatment time as a consequence. Others, more fibrous, can affect our gum health by impacting the gum or staying in the oral cavity for a long time.

In this post we want to present a series of the main foods that should be avoided during orthodontic treatment and should not be eaten with braces.

This is the list of foods to avoid (eating with braces):

Fibrous meats: These meats tend to stay between the teeth after consuming them and even more when we wear braces. It is advisable to reduce consumption during orthodontic treatment and, if possible, pass the interproximal brushes after intake. We can always opt for other types of softer meats such as chicken, hamburger or meatballs.

Sticky foods: In this case, we are talking about sweets, sweets, chewing gum and candy in general. These foods, in addition to their high sugar content that can cause tooth decay, can catch on the brackes and decrease their teeth. As a consequence, movement in the tooth in which the bracket is detached will be delayed until it is cemented again.

Crispy foods: Potato chips, nuts, seeds, bread or popcorn are products that can impact the gum for a while and cause inflammation. Like sticky foods, these also sometimes cause de-bracketing.

Acidic foods: Sometimes, with orthodontic treatment it can cause the appearance of sores. Introducing acidic foods into the oral cavity in the presence of sores can be painful and bothersome for the patient.

Spicy products: As with acidic foods, spicy foods can generate the same response in the patient.

Hard food: What we should avoid with hard food is above all, biting with the front teeth. When biting an apple, for example, its hardness can cause the brackets to fracture or decenter. Ideally, the hard food that we are going to eat should be cut or cut to avoid this type of situation.

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