Dr. Gonzalo Blasi gave a conference on peri-implant tissues

Dr. Gonzalo Blasi gave a conference on peri-implant tissues

On February 14, Dr. Gonzalo Blasi gave a lecture at the Goya Multiespacio Theater in Madrid for the Ticare Evidence Update on Implantology Congress (VI conference) organized by the Ticare implant company. The congress was attended by more than 1,000 implantology professionals.

The title of Dr. Gonzalo Blasi’s lecture was ‘Designs, connections and materials: how they affect peri-implant tissues’. The conference was focused on laboratory technicians and restorative dentists. He focused on using original abutments to avoid bacterial leaks in the implants, the use of zirconium and in designing aesthetic but hygienic prostheses for the patient to prevent peri-implant diseases. I also talk about the protocols for sterilization and cleaning of materials from the laboratory. The talk concluded on how to modify prostheses that are already in the mouth so that the patient can be sanitized in an effective and efficient way.

Peri-implant diseases, both mucositis and periimplantitis, are pathologies that affect the tissues surrounding the implants. They present with inflammation and bleeding of the implant mucosa and in the case of periimplantitis with bone loss that supports the implant. This bone loss can cause the loss of the implant in the medium-long term and as a consequence creating a bone defect that makes replacement of the lost implant difficult.

In Blasi Dental Clinic Barcelona we focus on the prevention of oral diseases. We carry out constant controls on our patients to avoid cavities and periodontal / peri-implant diseases.

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