Dental wear: symptoms, causes and treatment

Dental wear: symptoms, causes and treatment

We must know that it is an alteration that is characterized by the gradual loss of dental enamel. This usual pathology occurs unappealably over the years, so we must prevent it, frequently going to dental reviews.


The most obvious symptoms of dental wear are: tooth wear and enamel glaze, it is the last one that causes the enamel to have a more yellowish color due to proximity to the dentin, which is the most yellow tooth part. In the early stages, it is possible to notice a greater sensitivity to the external stimuli and to observe transparencies and fissures in the tooth, when they are more serious stages, the dental structure can be lost or broken and sensitivity will increase.

Main causes


It is the most frequent cause, mostly in older people and in people who have bruxism. Bruxism is a habit that is usually conscious, and to what we commonly call squeezing or grinding your teeth, this is usually in sleep, and one of the main causes of this is usually stress. At the beginning of erosion we can see wear on the dental edges, and at the moment that this more advanced will cause sensitivity.


This occurs due to the continuous action of chemical agents on the tooth, agents such as carbonated beverages, citrus foods, gastric juices are some examples of those that can affect tooth enamel.


This cause will be due to an improper brushing, usually because it has been done aggressively, driving a lot of force on the tooth and without control of movement. Therefore we must also take into account the type of the brush, it is not advisable to use a type of bristle too hard, and if we do not have control over our strength and movement, it is best to use an electric one.


The most advisable in these cases is to go frequently to the dentist in order to be able to do a detailed follow-up and to be healing the wear, since an early diagnosis will prevent the loss of our enamel. One of the main treatments is the discharge splint. When wear is already too advanced, the teeth will need to be restored with crowns, inlays and / or veneers.

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