Dental veneers, keys for a perfect smile

Dental veneers, keys for a perfect smile

Among many other things, we occupy a prominent place among the dentists recommended in Barcelona for covering a wide range of specialties. Among them, dental aesthetics. Within this field, veneers occupy a pre-eminent place to help us enjoy a perfect smile.

First of all, we have to be clear about what we are talking about. The veneers are thin sheets designed to cover the front of the teeth. An aesthetic treatment designed to hide color defects or other types of damage.

Types of veneers

Composite veneers: manufactured with a synthetic resin that adheres to the tooth. Then, it is molded in the piece itself. An indicated option to solve small anomalies in the teeth, solution to assess if the area to be restored is not very wide. Each tooth is worked separately and sometimes it is necessary to retouch the original tooth beforehand. In a single session you can leave Clínica Blasi with your veneers placed. Of course, over time they will lose color and you will have to come to us to do some retouching. Anyway, they can last you between 5 and 7 years.

Porcelain veneers: in this case it is a ceramic material, stronger and stronger than the composite. A restoration already focused on patients with more serious conditions such as fractures of the teeth or excessive separation between the pieces. In this case, first make a mold of the teeth and then proceed to its placement with a resin cement. Several pieces are placed together and the resulting color is more natural than that obtained with composite veneers. In addition, they are more durable. They can even reach 20 years old.

If the defect to be corrected is very serious or the tooth is almost completely destroyed, dental veneers are not the best option. As you can imagine, maintaining correct oral hygiene habits is key for teeth in general and for dental veneers in particular.

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