Publication of a dental technique by our doctors

dental technique

Publication of a dental technique by our doctors

Doctors Alvaro Blasi, Victor Henarejos and Gonzalo Blasi publish an article in the American journal “The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry”. New technique

Recently, doctors Álvaro Blasi, Gonzalo Blasi and Víctor Henarejos, together with Dr. Sara Madeira and Dr. Miguel Roig, have published a scientific article on a new prosthetic technique and dental aesthetics.

This publication can be found in the prestigious American magazine “The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry” (JPD). This journal has an impact factor of 1,151 and belongs to quartile 1 (Q1). Represented by 25% of the most important journals in dentistry. This publication of the technique has been developed in our dental clinic in Barcelona Sarrià.

Summary of the new technique:

To reduce the risk of implant and prosthetic complications, implant prostheses must be passive. A verification device is used to verify the analog position of the abutment on the final cast and thus its accuracy. This article describes the fabrication of a Type IV plaster implant verification device to verify the accuracy of the final cast.

Thanks to this technique we can minimize errors in implant prostheses and thus reduce the number of visits and treatment time. A denture on dental implants that has a good fit reduces the risk of problems in the future. For this reason, the imbalances cause leakage of bacteria and problems in the bone around the implants. It can also cause screw fractures of the prosthesis itself.

BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona

At our dental center in Barcelona we develop innovative techniques using the latest available technology. We also have a 3D intraoral scanner. This allows us to analyze cases in detail, plan orthodontic and implant cases and a multitude of treatments. We can also make 3D smile designs in our dental center. In this diagnostic process we also include a CT or CBCT with which a 3D X-ray is performed.

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