Dental splint, what kind do I need?

dental splint

Dental splint, what kind do I need?

Dental splint

Dental splint are widely used devices as they are part of numerous dental treatments. We can find different types of dental splints with different purposes of use.

First of all, the occlusal device best known for its use is the splint. It is indicated for patients suffering from bruxism. This parafunction is described as the unconscious clenching of the teeth, manifesting with dental wear and abrasions.

Next, one of the most popular treatments to improve the aesthetics of the smile is teeth whitening. This whitening treatment can be done in the clinic or at home. In the case of doing it at home, a splint made to measure the patient’s mouth is necessary to apply a gel directly on the teeth that lighten the dental tone.

Orthodontic dental splint

With regard to orthodontics, the use of splints is essential for different reasons:

The retention splint is used when you have finished orthodontic treatment and you want to keep your teeth in a stable position without movement. In this way, it makes it possible for orthodontic results to last as long as possible.

One of the most requested treatments is invisible splints, also known as aligners for orthodontic treatment. These splints create tooth movement within a 22-hour-a-day utility window and improve dental occlusion.

Mouth guards

Finally, it is essential to expose the mouth guards since today there are many athletes who practice boxing, rugby, and martial arts among others. These devices are made of resin molded to the patient’s mouth and absorb shock.

Each splint has different design characteristics and construction materials due to its different use.

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