Dental incrustations, what are they?

Dental incrustations, what are they?

Dental incrustations are a type of restoration that rehabilitates part of the tooth that has been lost. These are used when there is a large dental loss that can not be fixed with a composite (conventional filling) which is the alternative used when the loss is less. This is a treatment that is normally used in later sectors. With this alternative we avoid having to wear the tooth for a crown (sheath) and preserve the maximum healthy tooth structure. This is a very favorable and recommended treatment for our patients who have lost healthy tooth structure due to the following reasons:

  • Dental fracture
  • Previous restoration
  • Large cavities

These are the main reasons for making the inlays. In addition the incrustations obtain great aesthetic results, since an exact replica of the morphology of the tooth is reproduced. For these incrustations materials are used that hardly wear out and is a minimally invasive treatment, which allows not having to eliminate healthy tissue, since it works with an adhesive cementation.

At Clínica Blasi we perform the whole process digitally, from the impression that is taken from the patient’s mouth, to the design and processing of the restoration, we use the best mechanisms for the best treatments and results for our patients. For this, we have an intraoral scanner of the latest technology that allows us to be faster and more precise.

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