sedación consciente en el dentista


What is conscious sedation at the dentist? Many patients panic to visit a dentist and therefore avoid any treatment, no matter how simple it is.

Frequently, patients with fear go to the dentist when it is practically inevitable. That is when they have pain or discomfort so intense that it prevents them from living a normal life. As a consequence, the treatment that must be performed is more expensive and complex than it would have been if they had been visited previously.

In order to prevent people with panic to the dentist from reaching this situation, different procedures have recently been developed to reduce the anxiety and fear caused by going to the dentist and making visiting the dentist more pleasant.

Conscious sedation is a very effective method so that the patient does not feel anxiety or nerves when he is in the dental clinic.

Sedation at the dentist is, in the vast majority of cases, the only way for a patient to decide to go to the dentist and, thereby, not compromise their oral health.

As its name suggests, this type of sedation allows the person to remain conscious throughout the duration of the procedure. Despite being conscious, you will be relaxed and have a feeling of well-being and will avoid worrying about the procedure.

Conscious sedation is applied intravenously by a medical anesthetist who supervises its application. During the procedure, our anesthesiologist is in charge of monitoring vital signs to ensure the degree of sedation.

It will be necessary for this type of procedure that the patient comes with a companion to take him to his home.

At BLASI Clínica Dental Barcelona we can apply conscious sedation in any treatment that generates anxiety for the patient. However, the most common is to use it in dental implant surgeries or in treatment that requires a longer time in the chair than normal.

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