Can a whitening be done with a dental implant?

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Can a whitening be done with a dental implant?

The society of today is very concerned about health and aesthetics, this also includes of course the teeth. In Clínica Blasi more and more patients demand aesthetic and oral health treatments, in which we are specialists.

At first glance we believe that this health and aesthetics are linked with a white dentition, although there are more factors that determine these states. This is why one of the treatments most demanded by patients is tooth whitening.

Although we know that there are many factors to consider for whitening one of the most frequent questions is can you get a whitening if you have dental implants? And the answer is completely yes, although always under the supervision of professionals.

We must but know some aspects:
If the implant is placed in the anterior sector and the implant cover is seen when smiling, it will be necessary to change the implant cover after whitening since it is not bleached with the treatment.
It is necessary to inform the specialist what is the material of which the implant is made, as long as it is not done in the same center. This will be an advantage because the doctor will have more information and will be much more personified, at Clínica Blasi we offer these advantages since we are specialists in both implants and dental aesthetics.
In addition, it is necessary to know if the implant cover has translucency, since these make the natural color of the tooth visible. And therefore we should not look for a total target because it will not be natural.

After a whitening it is necessary to continue taking care of the teeth, so that the treatment is lasting. Some tips like: brush our teeth after every meal, renew the brush every 3 months and floss. Remember that a good aesthetic is always accompanied by good oral health that is paramount.

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