BOPT Biological Oriented Preparation Technique


BOPT Biological Oriented Preparation Technique


Biological Oriented Preparation Technique BOPT (Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique) consists of preparing a natural tooth and periodontally regenerating the tissues surrounding the tooth.

This technique was invented by Dr. Loi, who published his first paper on BOPT in 2013.

The clinical phases of the BOPT technique consist of:

Prepare the provisional in the shape of an eggshell. It is done before carving because it is placed immediately.

Knife-edge preparation performing a “gingitage” (intrascular preparation) to cause bleeding and a clot.

Finally, the placement of the provisional filling the shell with a material of reline to shape the new gingiva and stabilize the clot. In this way, the relining material will make an impression of the entire gingival contour: bottom of the sulcus, gingival margin where the gingiva rests.

BOPT is a subgingival and vertical preparation. Normally what dominates the periodontium is the anatomy of the tooth. The objective of BOPT is prosthetic dominance, for the gum to adapt to the new crown.


The biological advantages of BOPT are the increase in gingival thickness, the stability of the gingival margins in the long term, the possibility of coronalizing the gingival margins and remodeling the emergency tissue of the crowns that will be carved.

When placing the provisional, the gum comes over the provisional. Thus the provisional shapes the gum around the tooth. For 4 weeks after placement of the provisional, it does not have to be touched because this way the clot can regenerate and shape the connective tissue.

After 4 weeks there will be prosthetic dominance, that is, the gum will follow the prosthesis (it adapts to the new contour of the provisional) and from this moment the final prosthesis can be made.

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