Blasi brothers give an online webinar

blasi brothers webinar

Blasi brothers give an online webinar

The Blasi brothers give a webinar for the Spanish Society of Periodontology.

Blasi brothers gave a webinar for SEPA. On March 5, the online congress of SEPA Joven (Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration) took place. More than eight thousand dentists from Spain, Latin America and all over the world registered in this congress. The congress lasted 2 days where dentists of all specialties and different backgrounds participated.

Doctors Ignacio, Alvaro and Gonzalo Blasi gave a talk entitled: ‘Interdisciplinary Treatment of the gummy smile. Use of new technologies for planning gummy smile cases and coronary lengthening. ‘

Digital technology

In this talk, the digital dentistry flow that we use in our dental center in Barcelona was described. The use of intraoral scanners and the use of CBCT or dental CT (3D radiography) were explained. With this, we make the best possible diagnosis to later decide an optimal treatment plan for each patient. We also use intraoral and extraoral photographs to make a digital design of the patient’s smile.

Blasi brothers bio

Dr. Ignacio Blasi is the orthodontist at our dental clinic located in Sarria Sant Gervasi. He did his postgraduate degree in orthodontics at the University of Pennsylvania for 3 years. Dr Alvaro Blasi is a prosthodontist and studied at Augusta University in Georgia USA. And finally, Dr. Gonzalo Blasi is a periodontist and did his master’s degree in implants and periodontics at the University of Maryland Baltimore. Together they form an interdisciplinary team and treat complex cases that require all 3 or more disciplines in dentistry.

In this webinar they gave, they spoke above all about the importance that should be given to communication between specialists. In addition, it was emphasized that deciding the sequence of treatment is key to its success. This webinar also talked about lip replacement, crown lengthening, orthognathic surgery and treating with botox and hyaluronic acid.

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