Bad habits in your routine of hygiene buodental

Bad habits in your routine of hygiene buodental

We always want to remember the importance of daily hygiene, the care of our teeth. This must be a habit that we have to start from small. If we get used to it, we ensure greater oral health.

When to start with hygiene?

The recommendation we make to parents is that when the first teeth appear, which are usually at 6 months, they begin to clean the mouth of the babies after taking the bottle paying special attention to the gums. As we grow our oral hygiene routine should be increased in more phases such as the use of fluoride or brushing teeth that helps strengthen tooth enamel. If we talk about the habit for children, it is very important that they use the appropriate brushes and toothpaste specific for children. When we are older, we must also use dental floss.

What are these bad habits?

Practice good oral hygiene happens to be aware of how much, how and when to clean your teeth. Although we know this, it is possible that we have some erroneous habits, which are boycotting all our oral hygiene.

The rush is not good and oral hygiene matters less. If we are accelerated we will probably brush our teeth harder and for less time than necessary. How long does it take to brush your teeth? The recommendation is 2 minutes, however, most of us do not take more than 45 seconds. Take the moment of brushing as a ritual instead of as a mere formality.

The decision of which brush to use is one of the most important for our oral hygiene and, nevertheless, most of us take it without paying much attention and letting ourselves be carried away by aesthetic questions. Electric brush? Soft bristles? What shape should the sows have? The options are endless, so you doubt between electric or manual brush and you are not sure of the type of toothbrush most suitable for you consult your dentist.

On average, the life of a toothbrush is 3 months. We can think that we maintain a correct oral hygiene, but if we do not change the brush when it touches, the reality is that it wears out, the bristles are broken and, therefore, they stop fulfilling their function.

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