Avulsed tooth, what should I do?

avulsed tooth

Avulsed tooth, what should I do?


Dental avulsions (avulsed tooth) are one of the worst situations that we can find in relation to the survival of the tooth. It occurs especially in boys/girls between the ages of 7 and 14 and the most affected teeth are usually the upper central incisors.

Before a dental avulsion, the cessation of the vascular-nervous package and the tearing of the periodontal ligament occurs. Therefore, the most important thing is to reimplant the dental piece as soon as possible.

The avulsed tooth must be kept in a humid environment to be transported and stored until it reaches the dentist. If the periodontal ligament becomes excessively dry before reimplantation, the cells of the periodontal ligament may become damaged and cause an inflammatory response. Also, the cementoblasts will not be able to cover the entire root in time and the exposed regions will be directly connected to the bone and, for this reason, substitutional resorption will occur. Thus, the main objective of keeping an avulsed tooth in the mouth is to preserve the periodontal ligament cells for reimplantation.

First of all, parents or school teachers will have to take the avulsed tooth from the coronal part so as not to damage the periodontal ligament fibers and then place it in the moist storage media explained later.

As it is a dental emergency, the faster the action, the more you will avoid the prognosis of the avulsed tooth.


First of all, the most recommended means of transport for an avulsed tooth is cold skimmed milk. This maintains the vitality of the periodontal ligament for 6h because it has a pH of 6.5 – 7.2 (medium pH).

However, the ideal means of preserving dental avulsions is Hank’s solution, but such a solution is not readily available on the market.

Next, another indicated preservation medium is saliva. This medium is used when skimmed milk or Hank’s solution is not available. That being said, it is not highly recommended because it can have enzymes and bacteria that would damage the periodontal ligament fibers.

Finally, propolis and coconut water are being studied as possible means of preservation. The first has anti-inflammatory characteristics, in addition to maintaining the viability of the cells of the periodontal ligament of the avulsed teeth. The second, on the other hand, has a more limited effect but is cheap and easy to obtain.


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