Advice for patients with brackets

Advice for patients with brackets

In the first days after they put braces on you, any social event that involves a meal or dinner can be a conflict, because due to the force exerted by the bracket on the tooth, it causes discomfort.

We want to make this initial process easier for you, which is a little annoying, with some recommendations of what foods to take and how to cook them so that you do not have more discomfort. Although first also some more general advice:

Care must be taken to maintain a healthy diet, this not only for orthodontic patients, but also for the entire population. But we must emphasize those who wear braces, to prevent future potential problems.
It is not uncommon to have discomfort, since the bracket exerts a pressure on the tooth to move them. Actually this discomfort can be calmed down with a paracetamol (if there are no medical contraindications).
The food is important to cut into small pieces and chew slowly. Since that way we do not force the jaw to open much, and prevent bad bites and chafing.

Now yes, some favorable foods and how to cook them:

Vegetables: The best way to eat them will be puree, but cooked too. Avoid raw vegetables during the first days, because chewing is more laborious.
Cereals: Rice and pasta are a good option although they must be well cooked.
Fruits: The best alternative are the ripe ones and as we have already said in the general advice, cut into small pieces. An alternative way of drinking fruit would be with smoothies and juices, but you should keep in mind that if you put some fruit with citrus fruit and have sores due to orthodontics, it can increase your discomfort.
Potatoes and legumes: The best option is to take them pureed. The legumes would also be recommended stewed.
Fish: It should be cooked in the oven, since it is the softest method.
Meat: The type of meat must be tender meats to make chewing easier. That’s why the best is chicken meat, and cooking it in a stew or stew.
Eggs: The French omelet is always a good alternative, because it is soft, and you should not hesitate to add ham and cheese or tuna, because it is equally favorable.

We add a section that reminds us of the least recommended foods, and therefore those that we should avoid are:

The alcohol since it contains acid that can affect the irons, besides that it increases the risk of decay and damages the enamel. Although the solution can be rinsed with water afterwards, drink milk or brush your teeth after 45 minutes have passed.
The hard and sticky foods, these coveralls just at the beginning of the treatment, because their texture causes them to remain on the teeth and brackets.

We must avoid above all the food that can damage our tooth enamel and also our oral health.

At Clínica Blasi, we do not want this to discourage you, and remember that every effort has a reward, you only need a little patience the first weeks, since afterwards they get used to it. And that’s how we’ll get the best smile.

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