Advantages of dental implants

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Advantages of dental implants

In our dental center of Barcelona, ​​we remind you that dental implants are the most profitable option to replace the lost dental parts, as the advances developed along with their long duration, make them a good investment, in addition to the many advantages they bring to the patients.

Among the main strengths of dental implants, we can say that:

It is the safest option since it is fixed on the bone and not to other teeth, so it also improves the conservation of the dental parts adjacent to the loss that if it were to be carved
to adapt them in case of a bridge placement.
It facilitates the total recovery of the chew action, being equivalent to that of natural teeth, which affects the quality of life of the patient, since it has no limitations that alter their feeding habits.
They are the most lasting option, since in most cases it lasts more than 20 or 30 years, so we can talk about an almost definitive solution for many patients.  The process is based on osteointegration of the implant, usually titanium, which implies a strong and strong union between the two. This process lasts between 8 and 12 weeks.
The maintenance of dental implants does not require specific measures of hygiene, being the same as those required by natural teeth, which makes it possible to ensure proper care.
The finish is very natural, since on top of the titanium implant a crown is made to measure with the shape of the hollow and the tone of the teeth that surround it, so visually do not see differences between the two.
At Blasi Clinic, we are aware of the importance of using quality materials to reduce the risk
possibility of rejection of the implants, as well as the previous study of each patient to determine the
Procedure that this requires to have a definitive solution to the loss of dental parts.

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