Adult orthodontics in Barcelona; what options do we have?

adult orthodontics

Adult orthodontics in Barcelona; what options do we have?

Adult Orthodontics:

Adult Orthodontics: Increasingly, adult patients are deciding to be treated with orthodontics to improve their aesthetics, function and oral health. Frequently, one of the questions we are asked every day is, what is the best option when choosing run orthodontic treatment in Barcelona.

The response varies depending on the situation of each patient. A number of variables must be taken into account such as: age of the patient, the complex that is the case, and the importance that the patient gives to his aesthetics during orthodontic treatment.

Changes in recent years:

In recent years, different types of orthodontics have appeared due to the high aesthetic demand of adult patients. That is why we have different therapeutic options for each case. Being able to choose between ceramic braces, lingual orthodontics or invisible orthodontics. The types of orthodontics mentioned earlier are much more aesthetic than traditional metal brackets.

Orthodontists at BLASI Clínica Dental Barcelona:

Not all dental clinics in Barcelona can offer as many orthodontic treatment options as they require a high degree of specialization. However, the two orthodontists on our team, Dr. José Ignacio Blasi and Dr. Ignacio Blasi has master’s degrees and orthodontic certificates to carry out these treatments.

Types of adult orthodontics:

metal brackets

Within the metal brackets that we place most commonly in pediatric and adolescent patients, we use self-bonding brackets. These brackets do not have ties, but contain tabs through which passes the metal arc that joins all the brackets. The great advantage of these brackets is that they increase the speed of tooth movement as well as reduce the number of visits. Ultimately, these brackets reduce the total time the patient has to wear orthodontics.

ceramic brackets

Another orthodontic treatment option is ceramic (white) brackets. These brackets provide discretion as they have the same color as the tooth and go more unnoticed than metal brackets.

invisible orthodontics (aligners)

As an alternative to brackets has invisible orthodontics. Within this orthodontics we include aligners and lingual orthodontics. Dental aligners are transparent splints sold by different companies such as Invisalign Barcelona. These appliances are removable and are changed frequently. One of the great advantages in addition to aesthetics is that they can be removed for eating or brushing teeth. This makes them the most hygienic option. This option is not normally recommended for adolescent patients as they are more likely to lose aligners or not wear them for the required time.

lingual orthodontics

The other invisible orthodontic option is brackets or lingual orthodontics. In this case the brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth. These brackets are manufactured in a personal and individualized way for each patient as each bracket is manufactured for each tooth. In addition, these brackets are made of a gold alloy. As a disadvantage, these brackets require time to adapt as they affect the way the patient speaks and are more difficult to sanitize.

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