The gingival smile occurs in those patients who show more gums when they smile.

What is it?

We must know that this diagnosis, whether or not we have a gingival smile varies according to the perception of each one. But dentists have wanted to estimate some measures to define the concept. In women, it will be from 3 or 4 millimeters of gum sample when smiling that we can speak of gingival smile, and in men of more than 2 millimeters.

Main causes and solutions for each case

  • Short upper lip or very mobile: Because the lip moves excessively up and causes more gum to be taught. In this case the solution will be to change the action of the muscles of the lip, and for this one of the solutions is to perform infiltrations of botox, which weaken, and thus the muscle can not make excessive force.
  • Passive altered eruption: Occurs when there is an irregularity in the process of dental eruption, part of the dental crown is covered by the gum. In this case, we would perform a surgical intervention, although very simple. This intervention is called crown lengthening, and consists of contouring the shape of the gum, to be able to show the entire part of the tooth that should be seen.
  • Maxillary long: It is said when there is a vertical overgrowth of the maxilla. In this case, a surgical intervention, called orthognathic surgery, should also be done. What this allows is to place and alter the bones of the face in a good position.
  • Low dental position: It is caused by a sobreerupción of the upper incisors, which means that there is a lack of contact between the upper and lower teeth. In this case, the most appropriate treatment is orthodontics, since what is intended is to place the teeth in an optimal position.

Sometimes it can be due to a combination of causes, altered euphoria combined with a short upper lip, for example.

The selection of the most appropriate treatment for each type of case will be carried out by the entire interdisciplinary team of the BLASI Clínica Dental Barcelona.

At Clínica Blasi we are at your disposal for a totally personalized and close treatment. The image shows one of our clinical cases in the result in the treatment of a gummy smile. In this case, a crown lengthening was combined with an aesthetic treatment of ceramic laminates to improve the color and shape of the teeth.

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